Vehicle Connection (Telematics) + Wiring Upgrade

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Earn up to $600 with a combination of up to $500 toward the cost of installing a charger and a $100 incentive for a qualifying electric vehicle.

A Vehicle Connection, also referred to as Telematics, activates a network connection directly to your vehicle. You may already use this type of connection for a variety of purposes, such as remote start or monitoring of your vehicle. If your vehicle supports this type of connection, your enrollment enables you to receive rewards for Managed Charging without needing to install an additional device.

A Wiring Upgrade is the installation at your home of a 240-volt or 208-volt circuit of at least 30 amp capacity for the purpose of EV charging. Depending on the condition of your existing electrical system, an upgrade of your panel or electrical service may also be part of the upgrade.

To be eligible for this rebate, you must:

  1. Be a UI residential customer who installs a qualifying electrical circuit to charge a qualifying Telematics plug-in electric vehicle at home,
  2. Grant the program access to specific features of the Vehicle Connection needed for monitoring and adjusting charging, and
  3. Agree to enroll in Managed Charging, wherein the program will occasionally send requests to adjust your charging schedule in response to electric grid conditions.

Before you complete this application, please make sure you read and understand the Program Participant Guide found on our website here to make an informed decision about your participation in this program. It is the Participant's responsibility to understand this program before applying. If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]. Please review the Terms & Conditions for further details.